23 November 2020 english | deutsch
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Products & Applications Minimise
Wey Design AG develops opto-electronic products for high speed transmission of digital video and data over fiber. The main application comprises the handling of high resolution video as HDMI, DVI and Display Port in real-time. 

The company offers a full range of standard applications and customer specific turn-key manufacturing. Core products are the Video Remote systems which enable the remote control of a PC or workstation in real time over one single fiber. Extended versions allow the transmission of multiple screens over one fiber and the switching and redirection of all the peripherals.

Our complementary products include USB (Universial Serial Bus) device and host applications which are integrated into our fiber-optic products. Small form factor USB hosts and USB device emulation allow new possibilities within the USB world like controlling USB devices from a far distance without the need for a PC. Additionally, We integrate USB into existing environments.
www.cyberspacesolutionsinc.com www.cyberspacesolutionsinc.com www.cyberspacesolutionsinc.com
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